We believe each project to be unique and accordingly adapt our working methods to the task, which may vary from small, elementary, practical solutions to complex urban projects. We do not have an ‘in-house style’ - instead we create unique solutions for each and every project.

Our working method is to be curious, ask pertinent questions and avoid preconceived ideas about aesthetics or what the final result may be. We try to unearth the specific and unique qualities of each project and brief to generate interesting solutions. This process informs, enriches and heightens the quality of the final architectural proposal, which is also underpinned by an artistic and cultural understanding of architecture.

We aim to develop robust ideas that respond to fundamental issues of architecture and contemporary needs. We believe strongly that the local conditions, climate, topography and local knowledge are keys to sound solutions. Pontvik Architects focus on the development of architectural forms and language within a variety of cultural contexts and environments. We strive for a sophisticated integration of all aspects including brief, context, technical, and formal issues which are brought together to culminate in the built structure.