Pontvik Architects was founded by Alexis Pontvik in London in 1981. In 1984 the office moved to Haugesund in Norway and has been based in Stockholm since 1987. The company operates in a wide field including urban design, architecture (private and public work), international development projects, exhibition design, and interior design.

Pontvik Architects has designed public buildings, housing and individual dwellings in Norway, Switzerland, Great Britain, Sweden, Tanzania, Germany and USA. The office has been engaged in significant overseas development projects in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, Tanzania/Zanzibar and Sri Lanka preparing evaluations, master plans, and delivering education and cultural commissions. Pontvik Architects have been responsible for major exhibitions in Sweden and abroad, ranging from pedagogical to large art exhibitions and has been successful in many architectural competitions, receiving prestigious prizes and awards. The office has also been invited to administer architectural competitions overseas.